Frequently Asked Questions & Answers Matae Belltown
159 Denny Way
Seattle, WA 98109


- From I-5, North/South
- Take Mercer Exit
- Right on Fairview Ave N
- Left on Valley St
- Valley becomes Broad
- Right on 1st Ave
- Right on Eagle St
Here is a quick list of frequently asked questions & answers:

How do I "lock" the elevator when I have a scheduled move-in/move out?

First be sure you've let the management company know you are moving in or out. There is a switch above the garage door opener which will enable you to keep the garage door open during your move. There is a lock-box attached to the handrail by the garage door. The code is 0159. The elevator "lock" key is inside. Once you've placed the key in the correct slot in the right hand elevator, you have control of the door with the appropriate buttons. Please remember to:

1) Be sure to have someone monitor any open doors during your move.
2) Share the elevator when you are not actually using it.
3) Return the key to the lockbox and turn on the garage door when done.

My neighbor has the volume on his TV/Stereo/karaoke machine cranked up. It's 12:00 am and I can't sleep. What do I do.

Your first line of defense is to make the acquaintance of your neighbor and explain that his/her enthusiasm for opera/technorock/sing-alongs is affecting you. If a friendly conversation or two has no effect, you can request that the Management Company write a letter, or that the Board write a letter. In extreme cases (it's 2:00 a.m. and you figure there must be a dozen dancing bears in the room above your head), your recourse is the same as if you were in an apartment or a single family home -- call the police.

What are the hours for the Community Room? The roof?

fill in...

How do I reserve the community room?

You can quickly & easily reserve the community room by using our online member area. Simply click here to request a date/time. You may reserve the community room for up to 6 hours and at most 6 months in advance. While there are no specific restrictions around the frequency you can reserve the community room, if it starts interfering with other residents ability to reserve the room the board might choose to impose some restrictions on this in the future. Take advantage of the great space & enjoy!

I'm planning a barbecue on the roof. Can I reserve it?

No, the roof-top common area is available to all residents and cannot be reserved. We share the BBQs. If a propane tank is empty, there is a replacement in the room next to the "Stairway One" door on the North side of the building. Your unit key opens the door.

Sometimes I'm just too rushed to break down my boxes and separate my trash. What happens?

A Good Samaritan pulls your stuff out of the trash and sorts/breaks it down properly. Or the Association pays a local laborer $50.00 per hour to do it for you. The bottom line: if we don't have things sorted/broken down properly we risk a skipped pick-up by Seattle Utilities - and things get out of hand fast in the trash room. The guidelines are listed on the blue bag you were issued when you moved in. They are also posted on the trash room wall.